When A Challenge Goes Unanswered

If a company offers a competitor a challenge, and the competitor politely declines, there is nothing left for the competitor to do except to keep quiet about their supposed superiority. When Chief Executive Officer Rick Smith of Securus Technologies, offered competitor Global Tel Link (GTL) a challenge to have an independent judge determine which company has the most advanced inmate communication systems and which company offers superior customer service, GTL declined.


Securus Technologies operates its own domestic call center, while GTL outsources at least part of their customer service. GTL also outsources much of the work that Securus uses its trained field technicians to do. While outsourcing is not automatically an indication of inferior service, GTL could prove their customer service is equally as good as Securus’ by accepting the challenge. An unbiased third-party could judge call answer times and survey correctional facility customers to determine to gauge their satisfaction with the work done by technicians from each company.


As for a challenge based on technology, Securus clearly offers a greater number of innovative products, including inmate tablets apps, voice biometrics and parolee monitoring via satellite. In a comparison of product capabilities, Securus is clearly the winner. Smith isn’t expecting GTL to change their mind about accepting the challenge anytime soon.

Todd Lubar’s Growth and Contributions within the Mortgage Industry

TDL Global Ventures’ President, Todd Lubar, joined the mortgage sector in 1995. He quickly realized that this was the career path that he wanted to follow. He became a loan originator for the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. At this position, he gained valuable knowledge on conservative mortgage banking. He also spent his time growing valuable relationships with CPA’s, insurance agents, financial planners, realtors, and insurance agents. They are now a crucial source of his referral business.

Early Career

Todd Lubar had taken another crucial step in 1991 by acquiring an equity position with Legacy Financial Group. It provided him with the opportunity to expand his lending capacity. He could now loan out capital as a direct mortgage bank and broker loans to outside investors.

In 2002, he decided it was time to become independent by opening Legendary Properties, LLC. Todd was already well rooted in the mortgage sector. This allowed his firm to progress in rehabilitating, purchasing, selling and profiting from over 200 transactions. They ranged from single-family units to multi-family complexes. This business was vital to him because it allowed him to establish good relationships with banks. It opened up lines of credit as high as $20 million dollars.

He continued his investment in the mortgage banking sector in 2003 by opening Charter Funding. The company was affiliated to one of the biggest privately-owned mortgage companies in America. This allowed him to expand his business because of unlimited access to programs and products at his disposal. See his personal website at toddlubar.com.

Legendary Financial LLC

Todd Lubar’s 12-year market experience allowed him to identify an underutilized niche, which informed his decision to from Legendary Financial LLC. The firm is a commercial lender for both companies and individuals. He used the liquidity of Legendary Properties, LLC, and his personal funds, to help borrowers ignored by traditional lending sources. His involvement in over 7,000 transactions has given him the inherent ability to analyze the risk of any scenario.

As the mortgage industry underwent a rough patch in 2008, he ventured out into other lines of business such as commercial demolition. He also became involved in the scrap metal recycling sector. He resides in Bethesda, Maryland.

For more information, visit Todd’s Linked In page and this additional reference: https://about.me/todd_lubar.