Finding All Natural Restoration With WEN By Chaz

As a blogger and champion of many causes near and dear to heart such as finding sustainable methods of production or animal rights, it can be difficult sometimes to find products that make me look my best while adhering to m own personal standards and ethics. I don’t believe looking good has to come at the price of surrendering my values and never will.

So I was more than ecstatic when I heard about the new cleansing conditioner hitting the market from one of my all-time favorite celebrity stylists, Chaz Dean. As an animal lover and self-proclaimed activist, I was able to jump on board a product manufactured by someone who equally holds the lives of animals in the same esteem as myself.

More than the company’s stance on animal testing and my admiration for the stylist who created it, I loved the way WEN by Chaz made me feel. That may sound a bit over the top but it’s true. WEN by Chaz did exactly as it said it would, my hair became noticeably more manageable and definitely a lot smoother but not purported on the label was how it would affect the way I felt about myself. After receiving compliments from all of my co-workers at my day job and by one very kind stranger at the coffee shop by my place, I began to feel better about the way I looked.

After doing some research into the what I lovingly dub my “secret serum” I found that WEN by Chaz is organic and sourced from elements found in nature as they should be found. Far too often do I feel like I need to take a course on inorganic chemistry to understand the labels on some conditioners but this was not the case for WEN by Chaz.

It’s been four months since I first started using WEN by Chaz and I see another four months coming strong.

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When A Challenge Goes Unanswered

If a company offers a competitor a challenge, and the competitor politely declines, there is nothing left for the competitor to do except to keep quiet about their supposed superiority. When Chief Executive Officer Rick Smith of Securus Technologies, offered competitor Global Tel Link (GTL) a challenge to have an independent judge determine which company has the most advanced inmate communication systems and which company offers superior customer service, GTL declined.


Securus Technologies operates its own domestic call center, while GTL outsources at least part of their customer service. GTL also outsources much of the work that Securus uses its trained field technicians to do. While outsourcing is not automatically an indication of inferior service, GTL could prove their customer service is equally as good as Securus’ by accepting the challenge. An unbiased third-party could judge call answer times and survey correctional facility customers to determine to gauge their satisfaction with the work done by technicians from each company.


As for a challenge based on technology, Securus clearly offers a greater number of innovative products, including inmate tablets apps, voice biometrics and parolee monitoring via satellite. In a comparison of product capabilities, Securus is clearly the winner. Smith isn’t expecting GTL to change their mind about accepting the challenge anytime soon.