Jim Tananbaum Follows Progess Of Mindstrong Health

Mindstrong Health, the new AI based platform that is creating buzz in the medical industry, is excited by the news that they were able to raise $14 million to devote to this groundbreaking technology. The Mindstrong Health technology intent is to use the tracking devices on smartphones to compare to the cognitive function of the user’s brain. This will be used to further mental health knowledge and put smartphones to good use. Rather than simply scrolling through Instagram, you could be tracking the cognitive function of your brain. This innovation is being utilized to advance mental health and make better diagnoses in that field.

According to Market Wired, the mental health field is considered to be moderately subjective when contrasted with more physical medicine like cardiologists. The diagnoses are based on what the doctor is able to interpret from the client so it relies heavily on the people involved. Mindstrong has the ability to turn the way this is done on its head and make the ability to determine mental well-being more exact and precise. The objective of Mindstrong is to be able to make diagnoses in the same what you would with low blood pressure. It might even be more accurate since the readings will come from your everyday life as you use your smartphone. This will significantly improve the lives of everyone who suffers from mental disorders and incorrect diagnoses.

Foresite Capital firm’s CEO and Managing Direction, Jim Tananbaum, created the firm in 2010. He lives around San Francisco Bay and is well known thanks to his involvement in the medical and investment fields. Jim is highly educated and attended Yale, Harvard Medical School, Harvard Business School, and MIT. He earned prestigious degrees at at each of these places. During his time in the investment world, Jim worked with Prospect Venture Partners II and III, as well as with Sierra Ventures.

Ideamensch.com describes Jim as an accomplished investor and he uses that to advantage to promote healthcare in a forward direction. He is admired for his investments with Amira Pharmaceuticals and Jazz Pharmaceuticals. Jim Tananbaum believes that Mindstrong is going to be every bit as revolutionary as people are saying.

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Oncotarget Publishes a Report Showing the Effect of E-Cigarettes to Users

Cases of cancer attributed to smoking traditional cigarettes led to the introduction of e-cigarettes as a healthier option. In a report published on the Oncotarget, e-cigarettes pose an equal risk of oral health complications to smokers. E-cigarettes are gaining popularity among young adults and smokers seeking for low-risk alternatives to the traditional cigarettes. The report is a compilation from a study led by Irfan Rahman, a professor of environmental medicine. It is the first ever conducted research on the effects of e-cigarettes with an in-depth look at the impact on the body cells and molecules. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

According to Rahman, burning e-cigarettes produce vapors that encourage the release of inflammatory proteins. The inflammatory proteins produced cause strains to the cells leading to cell damage and an avenue to the development of varying oral complications. The study report further indicates that consistency of smoking determines the extent of harm. Damage to the cells is aggravated further by the flavors used in the manufacture of e-cigarettes. Fawad Javed, also a member of the study team confirmed that the additives are responsible for extensive damage to the oral cells. He further notes that nicotine contained in e-cigarettes also contributes to the development of gum diseases.

The composition of an e-cigarette includes a liquid containing nicotine held in a cartridge, a heating component, and battery. Different flavors in the cigarette also add to the list of ingredients alongside a variety of chemicals. The cigarette works by heating the liquid in the cartridge which outputs an aerosol that becomes the inhaled product.

Rahman previously studied and published reports on Oncotarget on the health effects of e-cigarettes to the lung. He proceeded to undertake another study to show the effects of e-cigarettes on the environment. With the current findings, Rahman proposes further research on the health risks of e-cigarettes to inform the consumers adequately. He proceeds to urge manufacturers to fully give information on the actual materials and chemicals used in the manufacturer of the e-cigarettes. He adds that provision of detailed information on e-cigarette composition will ease studies and offer a platform for seeking better alternatives. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Gained on Amazon

To say any company is gaining ground on Amazon is a huge accomplishment, especially when we are talking about the highly competitive apparel industry. With thousands of competitors trying to sell clothing in that market, Amazon is pulling in over 20 percent of all sales and sailing away from the nearest competitor. Things may be about to change for Amazon as Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been making huge strides in that space, raking in about $250 million in sales over a three-year span.


Hudson has no trouble explaining why her athleisure brand is selling so great. She credits it to high-quality, a membership program, and reverse showrooming. While these are not new concepts or practices, it appears Hudson has found the right mix that is really resonating with her female audience. Take a look at how these women are shopping at the Fabletics stores in the mall, trying on all the clothing they like, window shopping with no pressure from sales associates, and enhancing their memberships by taking the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz.


The majority of the sales don’t take place at the retail stores in the mall, all that money is being made at the Fabletics e-commerce site. Since these customers have already tried the yoga pants, leggings, and tank tops on at the mall, these items are then moved to the online profile for future consideration if not bought in the stores. So this eliminates a degree of concern about the products fitting, and women are free to just browse the website for similar items and buy to their heart’s content. That is exactly what they are doing too, going from buying a few pieces at the mall to buying a half-dozen or more online.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is all about pampering, and with the membership to her company you enjoy discounted deals on active-wear and workout apparel, free shipping on all orders online, as well as the help of a personal shopping assistant. Combine these benefits with the fact all the apparel made by this company is high-quality and costs less than the closet competitor. Amazon may want to take a closer look at the success formula here at Fabletics before this company simply gains enough steam to pass them by. When Hudson’s Fabletics began growing in popularity, it was more than just a curiosity as these potential shoppers have been turning into loyal customers for the long haul.

The Services that Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping offers to the Residents of Joao Pessoa

Roberto Santiago is an individual who is highly acknowledged in Joao Pessoa for owning the city’s largest shopping malls. He has been a dedicated entrepreneur from the time when he was still a young boy and is currently 56 years old. Santiago is the sole proprietor of the Manaira Shopping Mall and has been managing the business for about three decades now. The residents of the city love visiting the mall due to the outstanding entertainment features that it offers. The location of the business center also makes its accessible to most of the shoppers. Manaira Shopping offers its services 24/7, and therefore, customers can access anything that they need at any time of the day. Despite being operational for the past three decades, the mall is very modern since it is regularly renovated.

Besides being a successful businessman, Roberto Santiago is also an excellent author who has written several scripts and blogs. Most of his work is about life challenges and how to be successful. The entrepreneur has also been involved in movie direction and productions. Santiago spends most of his free time watching motocross races. He is a great fan since he used to race in championships and won several trophies and medals. Roberto completed a business administration degree at the University Center of Joao Pessoa. Read more on Mundo Do Marketing

The entrepreneurship career of Mr. Santiago started when he was still a teenager. He raised his first money by creating a café in Santa Rosa. The business gave him a lot of profits that he used in establishing a cartonnage company that manufactured and distributed different decorative products. The businessman raised a lot of wealth from the enterprise and was able to buy the land where he built Manaira Shopping. The construction of the property took about three years to be completed.

Manaira Shopping stands out from its competitors due to the excellent amenities that it provides. The place is a home to several businesses that include a gaming zone, movie theaters, financial institutions, a food court, a gym, and a college. It has also housed more than 200 shopping stores that allow the residents of the city to access a broad array of products. Most of the shoppers love the excellent cuisine that is offered at the business center.

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Many city residents consider Manaira Shopping as the ideal place for holding events such as exhibitions, weddings, music shows, and conferences. The property has a huge hall on its rooftop, and it is called the Domus Hall. The room offers excellent facilities that include seats, lighting, sound, and air conditioning system. Another major business success of Roberto Santiago is the establishment of Mangeira Shopping, which is also a famous shopping center for the residents of the city.