How Todd Lubar Has Thrived In The Real Estate Industry

After earning his undergraduate degree at Syracuse University, Todd Lubar launched a career as a mortgage broker in the residential real estate industry. He works in Baltimore, Maryland, and is now the president of a company he founded, TDL Global Ventures. He now has several industry experts working for TDL Global Ventures and it is his mission to bring relief to homeowners when it comes to their mortgages.

The first position that Todd Lubar had in the mortgage world was a Crestar Mortgage Company. He says that it was at this position that he learned the craft and how to conservatively evaluate mortgage applications. He also built a professional network of industry contacts that he continues to use including insurance and real estate agents as well as professional contractors.

After working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation for four years, from 1995 to 1999, he left in order to work at a satellite office of the Arlington, Texas-based firm Legacy Financial Group. Todd was highly successful in this position and was one of the top mortgage originators in the state of Maryland. He vastly increased this office’s annual loan volume during the six years he worked for Legacy Financial Group. For more details visit

The next career stop for Todd Lubar was at Charter Funding. He was brought in as a senior vice president where he handled their mortgage banking. It was during this time that the housing crisis hit the United States, tanking the sales of homes across the nation. Due to this he left the real estate industry for a number of years in order to pursue better opportunities. Check out Medium to see more.

During his hiatus from the real estate industry, Todd Lubar tried his hand at a number of different companies he founded. Todd owned and operated a nightclub for a few years and also owned two other businesses, one that demolished buildings and another that offered recycling services. Once the housing market reached its nadir he also started a real estate development firm. This involved buying foreclosed properties, fixing them up through remodeling, and then reselling the home to make a profit off his business activities.

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Sentient AI — Multivariate Testing

Many top brands are moving their operations to Sentient AI. The switch comes amidst a massive industry migration towards smart data. The data included in the switch is important for industry operations in optimizing consumer relations and conversion rates.

Companies that have made the switch include The cellular Connection and ABUV Media. The companies adopting the new technology all report gains in conversion rate above one hundred times that of conventional methods. The greatest gains come from the ability to take advantage of Sentient AI multivariate testing. Sentient AI is the world leader in artificial intelligence technology. The use of massively distributed databases to distribute the workload and optimize computing power through managed systems make the artificial intelligence both fast and smart. The inputs allow users to create test cases and test for multiple variables while parsing data and yielding results in real time. The speed at which managers can create new data sets and landing pages grows exponentially. Multivariate input is the ability to create multiple inputs. These inputs are the landing pages, test cases, and product pages pages your team develops. Sentient AI will take each page as input and test against the crowd’s response rate. The pages which are determined to be more fit than others will bubble up to the top.

Sentient AI multivariate testing takes advantage of a genomic algorithm to yield the best results. The genomic data is created by testing the level of fitness of each page. It’s similar to the dynamics of organic genes. In the animal kingdom, the best genes will combine and recombine to reproduce the strongest genes fit for survival. Sentient AI replicates this genomic replication mechanism by pitting the pages against one another and testing every possible combination to find the site most suited to improve conversion rates.

The Cellular Connection uses Sentient AI as one of the largest wireless retailers located within the United States. They have over 1,000 locations and use the technology to increase their customer response to online coupons that drive customers into stores. After a mere 3 weeks, they saw a massive 33 percent increase in conversion! Nexway is a global leader in e-commerce and provides services to the software and digital services industry. They are major providers for companies like Kaspersky and Avast. They report favorable results after implementing Sentient AI for their extensive client list. Companies in the digital space all report benefits from using Sentient AI.