Switching To The IDLife Way

Living a healthy lifestyle can often be difficult in this day and age. A lot of people have issues with their current diet and lifestyle because they are unsure of how to go about changing it.

This is why a company known as IDLife has become such a big hit among those who are trying to get in charge of their health and wellness. IDLife creates a range of different products and supplements that make living a healthy lifestyle both easy and affordable. It is why so many people have chosen IDLife for themselves and are happy with the products they have tried.
All of the products provided by IDLife are free of soy, gluten, hormones and GMOs. This enables you to feel confident knowing you’re choosing a brand that cares about its customers and what you’re putting into your body. They offer a range of different products to help make living a healthy lifestyle easy and effortless on your part. From high-quality multivitamin packs for a healthier you to nutritional shakes that make it effortless to stick to your diet and eating regimen. IDLife has what you’re looking for and is an ideal option for just about anyone who wants to know they’re doing something amazing for their health.
IDLife even has a kids line for when you want to give your child healthier meal and snack options. IDLife has what you need when it comes to taking control of your life and feeling good about the way that you’re living. This is why thousands of people have already made use of IDLife and are thrilled with what this amazing company has been able to provide to them. You can visit the IDLife site and place an order or browse through the hundreds of products that they have made available for the public to buy. No matter what your health or weight loss journey happens to be, IDLife has what you’re looking for and can be a perfect complement to the lifestyle that you are trying to live in order to feel better about the way that you feel.

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Securus Technologies, On Track To Remain on Top

Securus Technologies has been changing the way correctional facilities operate. With newly acquired companies and technology, the company is on track to take over as the leader in communications and financial products in the field. Newly acquired JPay is a prime example of Securus’ efforts to make corrections facilities safer places to work and live. Wireless containment systems have recently been featured in the news and provide relief to those who’ve been victims of violence due to contraband cell phone usage in jails and prisons. The devices look like a small cell tower, however, instead of connecting calls, they intercept them, and disconnect the attempted communication.


While still in its initial phase of testing, the company plans to introduce WCS into more facilities due to its overwhelming success. During the test phase in Florida facilities, it’s understood that over one billion communication attempts were blocked. Robert Johnson, a former corrections officer who was shot 6 times, becoming a victim of this type of illegal activity, is an advocate working with Securus as a consultant. They hope to get legislation passed to make the systems mandatory in all facilities. The problem grew so far out of hand, an infant was killed. The incident was also a result of illegal inmate communication.


Securus is the perfect company to pioneer this technology. They’ve been praised many times by both families and institution management for their monitoring services. Telephone calls, video visitation, and any other communications to inmates are monitored by the company and reported if there is anything that raises a “red flag.” Many investigations were made possible, and evidence has been gained because of the service. While primarily known for providing affordable ways to stay in touch, the product offerings by Securus and its subsidiaries are plentiful.


The company has recently made news by gaining accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. An “A+” rating and a Torch Award for ethically sound business practices, has made Securus stand out from the crowd. With outstanding customer service efforts, the company also enjoys a nearly perfect resolution rate, with most concerns resolved in just one call to their contact center. Over 95 percent of customers have expressed that they’re satisfied with the service they receive. With new acquisitions and technology happening all the time, Securus Technologies is on track to remain the leader in the field and the innovators of valuable technology.


Sahm Adrangi Founded Hedge Fund Kerrisdale Capital

One of the important things that distinguishes hedge funds from regular mutual funds is their ability to short stocks they believe are going to go down in price. However, this practice, although common, is never popular with the executives of the company that is being shorted. That’s because it is an implicit criticism of how badly they are running the company. Short sellers make money only if the stock price goes down. They can lose a lot of money when the shorted stock goes up.

Sahm Adrangi founded the hedge fund Kerrisdale Capital Management, and now serves as its Chief Investment Officer. He put $1 million into it when he launched it in 2009. It has $150 million in assets under management, as of July 2017. Sahm Adrangi looks for undervalued stocks to buy and hold until their prices go up (going “long”) and for overvalued stocks to short and profit from when their prices go down. Kerrisdale Capital is also known for publishing its research.

Adrangi began his career at Deutsche Bank. He financed high-yield and leveraged loans. He also advised creditor committees on bankruptcy and restructuring situations at Chanin Capital Partners. He also spent several years at Longacre, a multibillion dollar hedge fund that specialized distressed debt.

After founding his hedge fund, Sahm Adrangi attracted notice for shorting fraudulent Chinese companies, including China-Biotics, China Marine Food Group, Lihua International and others. Two of his targets, ChinaCast Education Corporation and China Education Alliance became the subject of enforcement actions by the Securities and Exchange Commission. When he shorted those companies, Adrangi made his research public information. Of course, this also helped to drive the share prices of these companies down, which profited him.

Now Sahm Adrangi and Kerrisdale Capital are considered leaders in the field of short activism. He does want to profit by shorting the stocks of overvalued companies, but at the same time, by exposing the company’s faults, he is saving the money of investors who would have paid too much for it when buying. He is also known for using social media to disseminate his findings, while most hedge fund managers prefer to keep their research to themselves, believing that gives them an advantage over other investors.