Michael Lacey is a Math Genius

Michael Lacey obtained his PhD degree from the University of Illinois at the age of 28. Sense then, he has become one of the most respected mathematicians that the United States of America has ever produced. He is widely known around the world for his work with Walter Philip who was both his professor during his doctoral studies and his mentor.


Michael Lacey is known for his work concerning his dissertation which is about Banach spaces. He was also in a key role in the solution of iterated logarithms. He was able to work with Walter Philip to prove the empirical characteristic function of these.


Since then, he has published dozens of journals concerning ergodic theory, harmonic analysis, and calculus probability.


His first real position after finishing his PhD was a joint teaching venture at the Louisiana State University and the University of North Carolina. During this time at UNC, Michael Lacey a close relationship with Walter Philip. They continue doing work on the essential limit theorem until they can prove it to near certainty.


Michael Lacey would eventually move on from the University of North Carolina and take a job from 1989 to 1996 as a professor at Indiana University. During his seven years here, he would receive a fellowship from the National Science Foundation postdoctoral Fellowship. This was a prestigious award and greatly encouraged him.


Michael Lacey would ultimately settled down in 1996 by becoming a professor of mathematics at the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology. Besides his doctoral duties he also teachers algebra and calculus. His main job however is to mentor students to push the boundaries of mathematics as they know it. It is widely acknowledged by his students they you will not get in a this class but because of the way he teaches you you will excel at every other mathematical class you take.


Michael Lacey is the receiver of a $42,000 grant from the Guggenheim Fellowship. This money was awarded to him so he could free up some of his schedule to focus on his mathematical passions and bring light to this field.

Teamwork is the Key: Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is a man who has been in the real estate industry for more than twenty years. Even as a young man he always knew that he had an entrepreneurial spirit. He liked working with others and motivating people to do their best for him.

One of the key things that set Todd Lubar apart from others in the real estate industry is his effectiveness at communication. He graduated with a degree in speech communication from Syracuse. In the twenty years since he has used that degree in order to be a success. In an interview with releasefact.com, Todd Lubar talks about working with teams and what he likes to do for fun when he is not at work.

One thing that Todd Lubar likes to do in each case is making people happy. When he was very young he owned his own lemonade stand and it helped to make people happy. It also taught him that if a person works hard at something the payoff can be well worth the investment. He tries to instill that same principle with his team at TDL Global Ventures and Legendary Investments. He also tries to motivate his teams by proving that actions are more important than words. Todd Lubar has always been a positive person and when he finds that an obstacle is in his way he will figure out how to get around it. Negativity doesn’t slow him down it only motivates him even more. this is why he is such a success. You can visit his website toddlubar.com

When he is not at work Todd Lubar loves to spend time with his two children. He makes sure to support them in their athletic endeavors and thinks of life as a board game. He thinks that people are the pieces on the board and need to move as effectively as possible. That is what makes life fun. Check out angel.co to know more.

That is the balanced life of Todd Lubar. He is a man who knows that teamwork is the key to success whether it is on the sports field or the boardroom. Working together can take a person far in life.

Securus Intensifies the War on Contraband Cell Phones Using the Wireless Containment System

Securus Technologies is in the business of providing civil and criminal technological solutions to the U.S correction industry. Most of the technology developed by this institution goes towards monitoring the inmates, assisting in the management of the prisons, and keeping the public and inmates safe just to mention but a few. Of late, Securus has developed the Wireless Containment System that helps in detecting contraband phones. It also prevents inmates with contraband phones from making calls to the outside world. Over the years, we have had many incidents where inmates were able to order hits from inside their cells. Innocents die and properties destroyed as a result of contraband phones. One such incident happened to Robert Johnson, a former employee at Lee Correctional Institution. At the institution, his responsibility involved finding and confiscating contraband. Robert was so good at his job that inmates plotted his execution. Two weeks before the attempt on his life, he intercepted a package estimated to cost $50,000. On 5th March 2010, Robert woke as usual, and as he was about to go to work, an intruder stormed into the house. He would then call the intruder with the aim of diverting his attention from the bedroom where his wife lay. The next thing he remembers, he woke up in the hospital.


Johnson was shot six times in the stomach and chest. It was a miracle that he survived. The ex-convict contracted to kill Johnson said that he was contracted using a contraband phone. He was paid $ 6,000 using a re-loadable Greendot card. From then onwards, Robert Johnson dedicated his life to striping inmates off contraband. Currently, he works with Securus Technologies as a paid consultant. Securus is offering communication services to inmates in Florida. They employ the use of a Wireless Containment System to stop inmate cell phone calls. He explains that they put up a cell phone network in the facilities. The inmate’s cell phones connect to the network. As a result, they decide on the action to take whenever a call comes through the system. Only the authorized and recognized numbers like 911 are allowed to connect.


In 2017, a video of just about three and half minutes was posted on Facebook. The contents of the video was a 31-year-old inmate, Jose Ariel Rivera, brandishing a knife. The inmate is serving ten years at Evans Correctional Institution. He shot the footage using a contraband cellphone. According to his profile, it wasn’t his first time to have a cell phone. Incidents like those portrayed by the video are what the Wireless Containment System is designed to detect. Had the system been installed, the data transmission would have failed to connect through to the commercial network. On the other hand, it would have made it easier for the prison officials to track the device.