OSI Group & McDonalds : The Deal hear around the world

OSI Group McDonalds began their partnership in a time when both companies were at a crossroads. OSI Group was relativity unknown but fighting to grow. On the other side, McDonald’s and founder Ray Kroc faced the challenge of being able to provide a uniformed many across the country (Something nobody had done at the time). Otto & Sons as the company were known at the time embarked on a journey with Ray Kroc and his franchise not knowing at the time that the partnership would make both companies some of the largest organizations in the world.

The deal was to provide the beef for Ray Kroc and his McDonalds franchises, however, even though the deal had been closed the pressure was just about to begin for OSI Group. As stated before, Ray Kroc’s vision to bring a consistent product to customers all over the country was his number one goal, which in turn meant that OSI Group was given the task to make this happen. The challenge and partnership with Mcdonalds could not have come at a better time in history, this was due to the advancements made in freezing technology, a key ingredient of being able to deliver consistent meat all across the nation. To know more click here.

In 1973, OSI Group would build its own dedicated manufacturing plant for Mcdondalds. This state of the art facility located in West Chicago would assure in a new unofficial company known simply as OSI Group McDonalds. Although still providing food for retailers and local restaurants, it was OSI Group McDonalds that launched the company into the stratosphere of the business industry. In 1975, Otto & Sons were in a transitional phase of not only the companies growth but the near retirement of the sons of Otto & Sons. Knowing that the deal struck with OSI Group McDonalds and other international ventures, the company would change its name to OSI Industries and began the year after year growth that we still see till this day.


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