Oncotarget Publishes a Report Showing the Effect of E-Cigarettes to Users

Cases of cancer attributed to smoking traditional cigarettes led to the introduction of e-cigarettes as a healthier option. In a report published on the Oncotarget, e-cigarettes pose an equal risk of oral health complications to smokers. E-cigarettes are gaining popularity among young adults and smokers seeking for low-risk alternatives to the traditional cigarettes. The report is a compilation from a study led by Irfan Rahman, a professor of environmental medicine. It is the first ever conducted research on the effects of e-cigarettes with an in-depth look at the impact on the body cells and molecules. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

According to Rahman, burning e-cigarettes produce vapors that encourage the release of inflammatory proteins. The inflammatory proteins produced cause strains to the cells leading to cell damage and an avenue to the development of varying oral complications. The study report further indicates that consistency of smoking determines the extent of harm. Damage to the cells is aggravated further by the flavors used in the manufacture of e-cigarettes. Fawad Javed, also a member of the study team confirmed that the additives are responsible for extensive damage to the oral cells. He further notes that nicotine contained in e-cigarettes also contributes to the development of gum diseases.

The composition of an e-cigarette includes a liquid containing nicotine held in a cartridge, a heating component, and battery. Different flavors in the cigarette also add to the list of ingredients alongside a variety of chemicals. The cigarette works by heating the liquid in the cartridge which outputs an aerosol that becomes the inhaled product.

Rahman previously studied and published reports on Oncotarget on the health effects of e-cigarettes to the lung. He proceeded to undertake another study to show the effects of e-cigarettes on the environment. With the current findings, Rahman proposes further research on the health risks of e-cigarettes to inform the consumers adequately. He proceeds to urge manufacturers to fully give information on the actual materials and chemicals used in the manufacturer of the e-cigarettes. He adds that provision of detailed information on e-cigarette composition will ease studies and offer a platform for seeking better alternatives. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.