Orange Coast College Gets New Planetarium

The junior college known as Orange Coast College will be getting a new planetarium. A longtime professor has donated $1 million to get the new facility built within the next couple of years. With this new planetarium, a number of students, faculty and residents will be able to get a more in depth educational experience in astronomy. The donation that was given to help construct the planetarium will be used to install a device that helps demonstrate how the earth rotates. Since technology has advance greatly in recent years, school officials believe that it is important to put together a new planetarium that will be more efficient at providing more information about how planets rotate and key information about many things that happen in the universe.


This new planetarium will be a very practical addition to Orange Coast College in terms of providing more detailed information about astronomy. It will certainly benefit the science departments as it will give students an additional resource to use when preparing for a career in the sciences of physics and astronomy. This college is a two year community college located in southern California. It is located in the city of Costa Mesa and provides students with a convenient option for transitioning from high school. This college is also a very good option for those who are looking to change careers and learn new fields with more flexibility. Students can study a wide range of subjects and receive certificates or associate degrees from all of the programs.


Anyone who is looking to attend Orange Coast College will be able to study a wide range of fields. They can study business administration, accounting, computer science, dental hygiene, biology and a number of healthcare fields. Students can also study online which will enable them to learn and get their degree at a pace that is ideal for them. Orange Coast College provides students with a number of extracurricular activities as well. They can participate in athletic clubs, student organizations and also community events. In terms of costs, Orange Coast College offers the opportunity to attend with very reasonable tuition and fees as well and otherwise get a quality education at an affordable price.


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