Unraveling the Face Behind the Kim Dao Blog

Kim Dao is a prominent Australian blogger, social media influencer and host of a popular YouTube channel that also goes by her name. While her blog has earned so much popularity and given her lots of opportunities, she started the Kim Dao Blog as a means of recording her first trip to Japan. Today, the blog is about makeup, fashion, life in Japan and lifestyle.


One of the things that have made this blogger so successful is the fact that she listens and works with her audience to come up with ideas of what she should focus on as she creates the next blog post or video. Kim Dao has taken full advantage of the fact that social media and the Internet has made the world much more interconnected, making it possible for anyone to learn so much about an entirely different culture.


While Kim Dao hasn’t had the worst job yet, she attributes her success as an entrepreneur to effective communication. She says that communication has been the means through which she has been able to learn a lot from her audience. Kim Dao counts people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Rolf Potts and Malcolm Gladwell as some of the individuals who have had the greatest influence on her thinking.

Visit here: https://www.depop.com/kimdaoblog